CloudNineMC Rules

Rule 1 - Hacking and Alts

Hacking in any form with any modded/edited client is disallowed.

Optifine, Lunar and Badlion Clients are allowed. All features of these clients are allowed.

The term “hacking” refers to any add-on to the Minecraft client that allows you to do things that are not in the “vanilla” game.

Abuse of alt accounts, will result in an IP ban

Rule 2 - Griefing

Griefing is not allowed in claimed areas but is allowed in unclaimed areas, within reason. Builds of things such as hate symbols must be reported to staff through a ticket in the Discord server.

Building within 200 blocks of a claim is not allowed, however non-obnoxious and/or minor things can be excused. The town owner may request the removal of such builds.

Attempting to push blocks inside of towns using Lava Casts, pistons etc is not allowed.

Lava casting is not allowed anywhere on the map.

Joining a town with malicious intent is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to joining a town for information gathering, theft and/or griefing. Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban.

In order to kick a player from your town, you must first allow them to collect belongings.

Claim blocking is not allowed in any form. This includes but is not limited to making claim arms or new towns to prevent the expansion of other towns in the area.

Rule 3 - Chat

Swearing is not allowed.

Asking for personal information is not allowed.

Spam is not allowed under any circumstances.

Advertising is not permitted on the server. Players with the “Media” rank are allowed to advertise their stream, provided that they are streaming CloudNine at the time and do not excessively advertise the stream.

Some trash talking is allowed, but excessive trash talking will not be tolerated and can be bannable or muteable, depending on severity.

Racial abuse or homophobia/use of racist slang/phrases is not allowed. Use of these is permanently bannable.

Rule 4 - Exploits

The use of any exploit on the server is not permitted; this includes but is not limited to, duping, teleport glitches, invincibility, money glitches, any form of exploit involving books. All forms of book based duplication exploitation is bannable. The use of books in a process known as “book-banning” is also disallowed and bannable in all forms. We understand that players enjoy writing a book or two, but symbol filled and banknote rich literature is not permitted.

Exploiting the shop, or abusing glitches in the shop, is not permitted. Reward may be given for the report of these glitches.

Rule 5 - Crashing

The network is protected from most cyber-attacks, but attempting to crash the network through any form, external or internal, is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to DDoSing, lag machines, null pings.

Rule 6 - Farming

Certain farms such as: 0 tick, Lag producing machines are not allowed. Anything else intending to cause lag or interfere with the servers tps will be destroyed rightfully by staff.

Auto clickers and macros are not allowed.

Mass villager farms are also not allowed. If you have more than 8 villagers crammed in a chunk it is considered a mass farm, this will result in all villagers in the area being culled, and a ban to the owner of the villagers.

Rule 7 - PvP

Setting home in or beside the claims of a town to gain access is disallowed.

Abusing Nether Portals to prevent players from typing commands is not allowed.

Rule 8 - Threatening to hack or exploit

If you threaten to hack or exploit on the network, we will take action against you to protect the interests of the network.

Rule 9 - Claims

Forgetting to claim something you own is not staff responsibility.

The name(s) of your towns and nations must be appropriate. If they are not appropriate you may be asked to change them by a member of staff.

Rule 10 - Toxicity

Being toxic to players in chat and in the game is not allowed. If you are being toxic to anyone you may receive a mute and/or a ban. Toxicity includes but is not limited to:

  • Sexism
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Hate Speech
  • Encouragement of self harm
  • Toxic Behaviour

Doxxing, threatening to dox, or sharing doxxes, this includes but is not limited to, sending IP addresses, addresses, pictures, is strictly prohibited.

Usernames must be appropriate. Inappropriate usernames have to be changed. You will be banned until you prove that you have changed your username.

The Agreement

By playing on the server and being a member of the Discord you agree to these rules and with the fact that we have the right to mute, kick or even ban you if you do not comply with these rules. If you do not agree with the rules outlined here or do not understand one or more of them please immediately message one of the staff team. We also have the right to alter these rules at any time if we see an issue with them. We are not required to announce when we update the rules, you must check these before doing anything that may be considered against the rules. If you are aware of infringements of these rules please report them via a ticket on our Discord server.

If you would like to suggest any changes to these rules you may on our GitHub page: